About me

Born in Jerusalem, 1965

2016- Arabic studies

2012-2014 Masters studies degree, History of Art Faculty, Tel Aviv university 

2007-2008 living in Berlin and creating the serie, "My Other Germany"                                                                                        
2007 Goethe Institute, Berlin, scholarship for residency and German course

2000-2005 German studies, Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv

2000 Residency in the Cite des Arts, Paris, scholarship from the Israeli Municipality of Art and Culture

1994-1997 French studies, French Institute, Tel Aviv

1989-1992 Art and Art Education (B.A.), Hamidrasha, Ramat Hasharon

1987 Betzalel Academy, Jerusalem, drawing workshop with the painter Yoram Rozov

1980-1983 Art studies with the painter Ascher Rodnizky

Solo Exhibitions

2017 The Restless, Schecther Gallery, Neve schecther, Tel Aviv
Augusta Victoria, Dan Gallery, Tel Aviv
Radu, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa
2009 The revolution that danced, Tel Aviv Opera House
2006 Hannah Arendt Project, Jerusalem Artists' House
2006 Icon - The Golden Age, The Artists' House, Tel-Aviv
2006 Hannah Arendt Project, Hannah Arendt Zentrum, Oldenburg
2006 Hannah Arendt Project, Heinrich Boell Foundation Gallery, Bremen
2005 Hannah Arendt Project, Jewish Museum, Frankfurt am Main
1999 For Your Feet Only, The Artists' Residence, Herzeliya
1998 Anatomy of Myth, Jerusalem Theater
1998 Caressing, Beit-Haam Gallery, Tel Aviv
1995 From Reality to Myth Nijinsky, Beit-Ariela, Tel Aviv

Group Exhibitions 

2016 Black  Box, outdoor exhibition, Jerusalem

2015, On the Face, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa 

2015 Libra, Neve schecther Gallery, Tel Aviv 

2014 Turning Points, Hungarian National Gallry, Budapest (Catalog)
2014 Back to Berlin, Herzliya Museum of contemporary Art
2014 The Benvolent tree, Umm el-Fahem art Gallery 
2014 Monney, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa
2013 Fans, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa
2012 On a Small Scale, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa
2011 Appropriated Place, Zadik Gallery, Jaffa
2010 Jewish Icons- Andy Warhol and Israeli Artist, Diaspora Museum, Tel Aviv
2009 Groom and Bride, The Jaffa Museum
2008 Beware the aftereffects, Infernoesque, Berlin
2005 Together and Apart, Enav Cultural Center, Tel Aviv
2004 Tel Aviv Profile, City Hall building, Tel Aviv
2004 In Real Colors, Alternative Gallery, Jaffa
2001 Traces, Contemporary drawing in Israel, Jerusalem Artists’ House


Different Activities

2017"The Young Hannah Arendt" on the cover of the "canadian Journal of History" 

2014 Israeli representativ in the exhibition "Turning Points" in the Hungarian National Gallery In Budapest

2012  Book cover: , "Matching Organs with Donors-Legality and Kinship in Transplants",Marie Andree Jacob Penn University Press

2012  "Troubled Nostalgia", Text and work presentation of  "My Other Germany" in  "History and Theory",  Bezalel Academy online journal

2010 Book cover: "Hannah Arendt, For Love of the World", a biography by Elizabeth Young-Bruehl, Resling publishing, (Hebrew translation)

2009 Text and Images: "My Hannah Arendt Project", in the book: "Thinking in Dark Times- Hannah Arendt on Ethics and Politics", (Fordham University Press, New York)

2006 Image: Goethe Institutions (world wide), web-page article,
celebrating Hannah Arendt's 100th anniversary

2003 Book cover: "Jews Against Their Will", Radu Klapper, ( Shufra Publishing)

2003 Book cover, "Forbidden Poems", Radu Klapper (Shufra Publishing)

2003 Image: Tel-Aviv's University Board of Governors yearly publication

2002  Image: A work from the Icons series used as a promo for a film in Channel 8, Israeli T.V. 

1998 Book cover: "The Hart Paces", Radu Klapper ( Shufra Publishing)